Demo version: Puella Magi Elaine Magica demo ver. 0.06a

Full game: Puella Magi Elaine Magica ver. 1.00

Please remember to download the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP file to make the game work.

NOTICE (PLEASE READ): Due to how foreign Ruby coding is, and how little time I have in my life to learn it, the project has moved to RPG Maker MV. This will be the LAST move on the project, as Java will help solve any bug fixes. No demo is out yet for the MV switch yet, so please bear with the old VX Ace demo until I finish it by the end of the year. Thank you.

Developer Note: The demo is nearing it’s end of it’s development, just finishing the last few events and then adding any finishing touches before test playing begins. So I’ll keep the old build up until then. After that it will be removed and replaced with the MV build. I hope you can support me in this better build, if you’d like to volunteer in advance for testplaying you can email me at the project email. Thank you again

Update Log:

07/25/2018 ver. 0.06a
-Fixed party members appearing at start
-Other minor fixes

08/22/2017 ver. 0.06
-Fixed Mami teleport error
-Fixed a few typos

01/29/2017 ver. 0.05
-Graphical updates
-Fixed characters moving out of place when using healing or status spells on self. Items still need fixing.
-Updated save script to show location and what difficulty your playing on.
-Think major bug of game crashing/freezing after battles is fixed. (Please email me if its not with screenshots/video of where and how it happened)

10/21/2016 ver. 0.04e
-Complete fix on the Fast Travel
-Music bug fixes

10/05/2016 ver. 0.04d
-Shop bug fixed

09/29/2016 ver. 0.04c
-Minor dialogue fixes
-Bug fix (hopefully, please do report if it isn't fixed)

09/29/2016 ver. 0.04b
-Fixed music issues
-Lowered enemy HP a bit, bosses as well. (Subject to change for bosses in the future)
-Added elemental, debuff and status resistances to all enemies and bosses
-New items
-Can now sell in dungeon shops
-Price of standard items have been lowered.
08/27/2016 ver. 0.04
-Event error fixes
-Minor dialogue fixes
-Added an AP tutorial
-New Fast Travel, use the map in your items to open the Fast Travel menu
-New Battle Hud for a cleaner battle screen
-New feature, Pause the game with F8
-New on-screen Hud while in dungeons
-New feature for some bosses

08/17/2016 ver. 0.03
-File error fixes
-New Notebook menu option
-Tutorials re-vamp
08/12/2016 ver. 0.02c
-Music error fix
-Minor dialogue fixes

07/12/2016 ver. 0.02b
-Sprite changes
-Music changes
07/06/2016 ver. 0.02
-You can now dash as much as you want outside of dungeons
-Fixed some teleport errors for the dungeons
-Fixed some Town22 and Town25 track errors

07/04/2016 ver. 0.01d
-Fixed the Town25b track error (for sure this time DX)
07/04/2016 ver. 0.01c
-Fixed the Town25b track error (again)

07/04/2016 ver. 0.01b
-Fixed the Town25b track error

2 thoughts on “Download”

  1. I was playing the game and reached the Arcade game until I got an Item. It looked like a powerup and as I grabbed it, the game crashed. It kept happening, I even tried on other computers and the game kept crashing. Can you help me bleachbummer?
    PS: Love the people from the WalfasStationWagon.
    Walfas and game fan: Gervin


    1. That is a bug that happened while messing around and trying to add a fourth enemy, and failing at it. I believe I fixed it but I am still testing to make sure. I’ll be posting a new update as soon as I can as this is one of two bugs I am trying to solve before the next update.

      Sorry for the delay, this week of college has been very busy for me.


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