Teamwork is Key

While Elly’s stats are more so well balanced, even she can’t do the fights by herself. Each member has certain strengths and weaknesses based on their stats, which requires you to think on how to use the party member in the fight. Here is an example: Mami has a low amount of HP and gains more at a slow pace, however, her defensive stats are great as it allows her to take more hits. Offensive wise, she has poor Attack compared to Intelligence, which means you’d probably be using her more as a healer with maybe a few instances of being a sort of mage. This adds an element of decision making when forming a party, as you’ll eventually gain more than four party members. So you’ll need to decide how you’d want to form your party in the current situation. Do you want more offensive power? Do you want to blast the enemies with magic? Do you want to just take it slow and tank the enemy? Or do you want to strike fast? All of these are important when forming your five man party. Elly is with you the entire time, but deciding which other four you’ll have depends on you, the player, and the situation.



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