Exploring the World

Like many RPGs, “Puella Magi Elaine Magica”requires you to explore and navigate through dungeons in search of either the exit or the boss. However, unlike most RPGs, you world is limited to Mitakihara City and will slowly grow as the story progresses while dungeons will become accessible to you in certain points in the story. While exploring the city, you’d find many locations including Elly’s home where you can rest up and heal up, shops where you can buy items, Mitakahara Middle School, Mami’s place, Homura’s place, and even an arcade where you can spend money to play mini games as they become available.Andysnap_019

Dungeons within the world are usually limited, but you can access some of them repeatedly to gain some EXP if you desire. All dungeons are randomly generated, so the layout will be different each time you play. You won’t be able to save normally unless you find a save crystal in a dungeon, so save before entering. There are also dungeon shops but the items will be more expensive than they would be outside of the dungeon. You’ll later gain access to an infinite floor dungeon to grind in that slowly upgrades, but almost all normal dungeon features are disabled in this one. Be warned, you won’t be able to grind forever as there is a powerful enemy lurking in the darkness of the dungeons, waiting to strike.



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