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Hello everyone, this is BleachBummer from the NIS America Forums, RPG Maker Forums, YouTube, DeviantArt, and a few other places. I first got the idea for this project after I was almost done seeing all of the episodes of the Madoka series. It was back in my first day in my College’s anime club when I was introduced to Madoka, but I never found a real interest in it until I saw episode 3.

After doing some research on the series and seeing a few episodes, an idea hit me of a story. To help me work on this, I contacted vampko from the forums who offered to help after I shared my ideas. The idea originally was going to be an alternate story, but after some talk, we changed it to a fan-made story after the final episode.

This project original started on RPG Maker VX, but we ran into many technical complications. As time passed, some people that were working on the project dropped out, either due to life preventing them from helping out anymore or loss of interest, but we kepted working. Eventually, life hit my co-partner to the point vampko had to drop out, but I still did my best to carry on the project on my own.

Sadly, the forums I was using closed down and life was hitting me as well. It looked bad as my motivation was dropping, and feared for the project. When starting on another smaller project to work on the side, I finally got my hands on VX Ace and to my surprise, it had more than VX could EVER offer. The limits were surpassed and the game itself evolved from how it was in VX to how it is currently being developed in VX Ace. With my motivation returned, I brought the project back from near-death and went back to work. (The other RPG I am working on will be developed as well, but this one is my big focus and my ultimate dream goal right now)

Eventually, things got complex with bugs and many errors due to how old RUBY is. So I finally decided to pay for MV and move the project to there as Java is easier for people to use and more known. The project, while slow due to my life prior to graduating in May of 2019, was finally back on track and with little errors I didn’t know how to fix.

There really isn’t much else for me to say, except that it is a joy to work on this project and we hope you enjoy it when it is done.

Contact me about the project at:


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