Learning Skills

Unlike most RPGs, you won’t be learning skills by leveling up. Instead, there are two ways you can possibly learn skills. One is through events, either story or interaction with party members. But your main form of learning skills is through the AP system. Each piece of equipment will have abilities on them that you can use as long as it is equipped, removing that equipment will result in losing that ability. However, each ability also has a certain amount of AP that is needed to completely learn the ability. Enemies will drop a certain amount of AP when defeated, which like EXP, will be shared with the party. Unlike EXP though, it will only be shared with those who are in the battle.¬†There are both offensive and support abilities, such as abilities that will boost your Max HP once you’ve learned that ability. Take note the stronger or more useful the ability, the more AP it will cost to master it. Equipping any equipment that teaches the same ability that you are learning will double the learning speed. So take advantage of that when learning skills.



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