Story of the Old World

In the world, there are girls with the potential to become Magical Girls and protect their home from cursed creatures called Witches, who threaten to bring despair around the world and harm the people they protect. In order to become a Magical Girl, if they possess the potential, they must make a contract with the strange creature known as the “messenger of magic”, Kyubey, who grants one wish in exchange for their services. However, this comes with a heavy price. The Magical Girls will find themselves facing off against death, and if they are unable to keep their souls purified, they’ll fall into despair and spread curses by becoming Witches themselves, bringing harm to the people they once swore to protect. But that was in another world, the old world…


A 8th grader from Mitakihata Middle School, Madoka Kaname, made a wish to the “messenger of magic” Kyubey to stop every Witch from the past, present, and future by erasing their existence with her own hands before they are even born, a wish that was only possible due to the large amount of power she possessed. Thus, every Magical Girl that became a Witch was saved and the old world came to an end so a new one could take its place. However, because of her wish, Madoka’s own existence was erased from everyone’s mind. Or so it was thought…


Homura Akemi, one of Madoka’s classmates who traveled through time several times to prevent Madoka from becoming a Magical Girl and either dying become a witch herself, kept her memories of Madoka, who she considered her only friend. Now in the new world, she continues to protect everything Madoka cared about along with her fellow Magical Girls, Mami Tomoe and Kyoko Sakura from new creatures born from curses.


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