Battle System

“Puella Magi Elaine Magica” runs on the Active Time Battle system, similar to games like “Final Fantasy IX”. Everyone in the battle has an ATB bar that fills up according to how high the character’s Agility is, once it is filled, the character is able to perform a single action from attacking, using one of the skill options, using an item, defending or escaping the battle. While you’re not selecting a command, the rest of the battle participants’ ATB bar will still be active. This results in battling in real time with moments where you’ll need to think quickly.


“Puella Magi Elaine Magica” also runs on the enemy level system. This means as you grow in strength, so will the enemies. The Monster Book will allow you to view the enemies stats at level 1, but you can easily figure out what their stats will be at other levels as each enemy gains 50 HP, 10 Magic and 3 to the remaining stats. (EXP and Yen varies from enemies to bosses) As the enemies will get stronger with you, you’ll be forced to keep on your toes and find alternative ways to grow stronger. Bosses do have a set level, but they will (except for the first boss) grow stronger as well.


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