Demo version: Puella Magi Elaine Magica demo ver. 0.06a

Full game: Puella Magi Elaine Magica ver. 1.00

Please remember to download the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP file to make the game work.



If there are any bugs/glitches/errors, please email me at the project email and I will update the game. Be sure to include a screenshot of the bugs/glitches/errors and screenshots of anything prior to it, this will allow me to locate what’s wrong faster. Take note certain script errors are currently un-fixable until we recruit someone skilled in Ruby script coding.


Update Log:

07/25/2018 ver. 0.06a
-Fixed party members appearing at start
-Other minor fixes

08/22/2017 ver. 0.06
-Fixed Mami teleport error
-Fixed a few typos

01/29/2017 ver. 0.05
-Graphical updates
-Fixed characters moving out of place when using healing or status spells on self. Items still need fixing.
-Updated save script to show location and what difficulty your playing on.
-Think major bug of game crashing/freezing after battles is fixed. (Please email me if its not with screenshots/video of where and how it happened)

10/21/2016 ver. 0.04e
-Complete fix on the Fast Travel
-Music bug fixes

10/05/2016 ver. 0.04d
-Shop bug fixed

09/29/2016 ver. 0.04c
-Minor dialogue fixes
-Bug fix (hopefully, please do report if it isn't fixed)

09/29/2016 ver. 0.04b
-Fixed music issues
-Lowered enemy HP a bit, bosses as well. (Subject to change for bosses in the future)
-Added elemental, debuff and status resistances to all enemies and bosses
-New items
-Can now sell in dungeon shops
-Price of standard items have been lowered.
08/27/2016 ver. 0.04
-Event error fixes
-Minor dialogue fixes
-Added an AP tutorial
-New Fast Travel, use the map in your items to open the Fast Travel menu
-New Battle Hud for a cleaner battle screen
-New feature, Pause the game with F8
-New on-screen Hud while in dungeons
-New feature for some bosses

08/17/2016 ver. 0.03
-File error fixes
-New Notebook menu option
-Tutorials re-vamp
08/12/2016 ver. 0.02c
-Music error fix
-Minor dialogue fixes

07/12/2016 ver. 0.02b
-Sprite changes
-Music changes
07/06/2016 ver. 0.02
-You can now dash as much as you want outside of dungeons
-Fixed some teleport errors for the dungeons
-Fixed some Town22 and Town25 track errors

07/04/2016 ver. 0.01d
-Fixed the Town25b track error (for sure this time DX)
07/04/2016 ver. 0.01c
-Fixed the Town25b track error (again)

07/04/2016 ver. 0.01b
-Fixed the Town25b track error



2 thoughts on “Download”

  1. I was playing the game and reached the Arcade game until I got an Item. It looked like a powerup and as I grabbed it, the game crashed. It kept happening, I even tried on other computers and the game kept crashing. Can you help me bleachbummer?
    PS: Love the people from the WalfasStationWagon.
    Walfas and game fan: Gervin


    1. That is a bug that happened while messing around and trying to add a fourth enemy, and failing at it. I believe I fixed it but I am still testing to make sure. I’ll be posting a new update as soon as I can as this is one of two bugs I am trying to solve before the next update.

      Sorry for the delay, this week of college has been very busy for me.


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