The New Adventure

Elaine “Elly” Cruxis was a normal girl who moved to Japan due to her uncle’s job. She was able to learn Japanese before the big move and enlisted into Mitakihara Middle School. However, she was unable to make any friends because everyone she approached saw her as a naive girl who thinks she is better than everyone else.


One day, Elly is attacked by a group of strange white creatures and is saved by one of her classmates, Homura Akemi and her two allies, Mami Tomoe and Kyoko Sakura. Elly learns that the three of them are Magical Girls who made a contract with the “messenger of magic” Kyubey, and they are tasked with protecting the town from Wraiths like the ones they just fought.


Feeling she should join them, Elly makes a contract with Kyubey and becomes a Magical Girl. However despite this, the others feel Elly shouldn’t risk her life at something she isn’t good at due to her having trouble at first. The next day, a girl named Riko Miyamoto transfers into Elly’s class. After a failed attempt to befriend her, Riko begins questioning what she fights for before Kyubey reveals her to be a Magical Girl.


Things start to get worse when the girls discover where the Wraiths are coming from and head off to the location, facing against real demons for the first time as they search for the one in charge. But when they find the demon in charge, they watch as he is slain by another demon named Katsuo Watanabe. Katsuo claims to the girls that he is not their enemy before leaving, which causes Elly to question who he is. Little does she know, this encounter would signal the start of the greatest battle for the world.



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