Elaine Cruxis

Gender: Female

Species: Human (formerly), Magical Girl

Age: 13

Height: 153-155 cm (5’0″-5’1″)

Weapon: Chakrams


Elly for short. A young Middle Schooler and the protagonist of the story. Due to her Uncle’s work, she had to move to Japan along with her Aunt. She was able to quickly learn Japanese and was accepted into Mitakihara Middle School as a 7th grader, however, she was unable to make any friends. Despite being good in school, others saw her as someone who thought they were better than everyone else. Life was sad and lonely for Elly, who really wanted to make friends but couldn’t because of a habit that she didn’t even know why she had.

One day she was attacked by Wraiths and saved by Homura, Kyoko, and Mami. Learning about them being Magical Girls, she decided to make a contract with Kyubey and become one herself. The other three on the other hand, saw her as someone who is better off not risking her life ever. Elly still continues her lonely life, but then one day when she goes on a real demon hunt with the others, she runs into the mysterious Katsuo and begins to question who he really is. Earlier that same day, she met a mysterious Magical Girl named Riko who transferred into Mitakahara as well, who questions what she and the other Magical Girls fight for.

What is Riko talking about? And just who is Katsuo really? These two encounters would signal the events that would change Elly’s life forever.



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